ATP Finals 2020 final: Dominic Thiem (3) vs. Daniil Medvedev (4)

Who shall claim the trophy

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What has happened to Medvedev's shots? He's tamely hitting them, where is the aggression that has served him so well in the past? Is he trying something to disrupt Thiem?
He's either tired or completely out of ideas and basically given up. No other reason a hellaciously bad volleyer would be going for serve volley attempts like he is right now. It's the only trick he's got left in his bag, and right now it's sort of working. Shame his first serve has sort of deserted him too. He's sort of out fighting a battle with a broken sword.


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Very problematic given the history of angry German ranting. Thiem will be cancelled soon.
very true

but there was a reason it was so popular for a while, u know

hard not to get a little enticed when people are shouting angrily in German, before u know it you are invading Poland


What a great point but WHAT was that shot mid-point?! I didn't dream that did i? Medvedev hit a ridiculously soft moonball after the Thiem volley.


Agh wish Med could’ve broken there. Don’t know why he went for such a passive chip return on break point. Feels like a big game but if Medvedev holds here things could quickly reset.