ATP Finals 2020 final: Dominic Thiem (3) vs. Daniil Medvedev (4)

Who shall claim the trophy

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i still can't believe how this dude Suck so o bad on Clay courts like 150 ranked player and on fast courts, he looks like he's top 5 player


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Okay, a really good tournament to end a dire year, (not only in tennis). Bad luck for Thiem, but Medvedev deserved this a tad more in the end.

Let's look at the bright side, the odds of 2021 being even more dire are pretty low. Right...?


Game, set, match Medvedev! Absolutely deserved win for him! Great match, both players were outstanding and thoroughly enjoyed that!


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Med with 2 unreturnables to seal the deal from 30-30. Well done!

Disappointment for Thiem again. Another close 3-set final lost at the YEC.


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For the second year in a row, Thiem loses a tough one in the final and gets outplayed. He will win this one day but I really thought he had this. That poor tiebreak really cost him today. Well done to Medvedev who dug deep and took it.