ATP M1000 Madrid Open 2023

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I think Mouratoglou misses the limelight.

He was quite a few years with Serena, and being regarded as a guru.

Now with Rune, I think he's doing it for free., he needs to be in front of a camera.
The ego is a deadly enemy. Have to overcome to live a life of peace. Hopefully patrick can realize this before its too late.

Aussie Darcy

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Looking like a bad day to be the #2 seed.

Medvedev down a set to Karatsev
Sabalenka about to be down a set to Sherif.


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Also glad Aslan is wearing Head clothing and not that goofy Hydrogen nonsense. Much better image for his personality.
Thrilled by Khachanov's win! Hoping Carlos wins later today and plays Karen tomorrow.

Is Medvedev going to lose in straight sets to Karatsev? This is very surprising!


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Aslan. What a beast. Dictating with that missile forehand via the PT57A2 (strung: 340g, 340SW, Hawk White 1.25 - courtesy of @dr325i).


Medvedev looks relieved to be out of the tournament. No love lost between him and the Spanish crowd. He didn’t seem to be enjoying himself in Madrid.
All 3 matches had surprising results so far. So long as Carlos makes it through I don't mind upsets, mild or major upsets! :) Most surprised by Karatsev's win, didn't see that one coming at all!


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Karatsev fans rn



Camera focussing all the time on ADF and barely on Coric. I don’t need endless closeups of Alejandro :rolleyes: It’s almost as if he is the only one on court.


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wow,, what a great chance for Coric to get to the Semis. good for him. looks like Stepanoe vs Alcarez in the final. this should be fun since Tsisitpas tried to take off the head of Alcarez last time