ATP M1000 Miami Open 2024

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Now that Alcaraz lost to the great Dimitrov we all love (the one that seems to be back in the last 6 months), Sinner has his chance.
Winning Miami will give him the second place.. Medveded and Zverev on his way (poor Dimitrov can't usually focus for such a long time).


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It was a great ending. Probably better than the mens matches will be.
While I like the WTA, and agree there was great drama (because it was so back and forth), the tennis displayed by Dimitrov simply eclipsed anything we got from the women's match.

Every pro athlete probably has one day/night when they are completely in the zone and play the game/match of their life. This one is Dimitrov's.
I was worried that some people would be saying this, but some of us have been paying attention to Dimitrov's great form for a while now.

I know it's "just" a warm-up event, but his result in Brisbane was legit, as he played some outstanding tennis. Just like we saw last night. This wasn't the match of his life, but just his current top level. If anything, he played well below his current top level at the AO.

Also, he beat Carlos the last time they played (last fall) and has won the last 4 sets they have played. So it couldn't just be a "match of his life" type of thing. Alcaraz fans just need to be mature and acknowledge that some one-handed wizardry was enough to frazzle the simple guy that loves to chase the ball.

Terrible tactics from Carlos, if he played on the front foot like in the game he broke he might've won.
You know there are two players on court, right? Dimitrov said after the match that his tactic was to keep moving Aclaraz around and not let him start hitting big. And, save for the conservative serving game toward the end where he got broken, that's exactly what he did. Yes, old-man Dimi with his "outdated" one handed backhand just blew the hot young thing off the court.

I really think theres very little he could have done today, yeah he went out a bit passive and unagressive, but dimitrov figured the match and the conditions out perfectly, he was taking everything on the rise and hitting winners left and right, Carlos was spinning the shots too much and these balls and court are not bouncy, dimi was getting shoulders height shots the whole match, he unleashed and had the day
Right, and this is Baby Fed (with his second straight win over Alcaraz). So the next time people start with the generation v generation stuff, just remember that if Baby Fed could handle Carlos like this, then Daddy Fed...

Great match by dimitrov! He played brilliant. Alcaraz didn’t play bad either and will be back strong on clay. Zverev was solid in his match. 2 great semis coming up.
Unfortunately I fear that Zverev will win, as he seems to be a bad matchup for Dimitrov, but the real loser will be the sport of tennis. Zverev is the antithesis of Dimitrov's beautiful style.