ATP Madrid Masters 2021 Prediction League (4th in series, Season 13)


Well, @gn might want to do a more comprehensive announcement, but for now here's what's gone on:

I have won my 1st Madrid, 3rd Masters, and 6th title overall. My partner in the doubles, @James P, has come in 2nd, followed by @gn. Unfortunately for the two of us, the H2H semifinal/final didn't go our way and @gn and @boredone3456 come out as the doubles winners of Madrid - their first Madrid, 7th Masters, and 12th title overall!

In terms of rankings, I'm not 100% sure if @PDJ's streak as #1 is still alive, but even if it isn't - he has over 60 of the last 70 weeks as #1, which is extremely impressive! However, now he falls to #3 as @gn and I get ahead, with me taking the #1 position for the first time in this game. I also extend my lead in the race going into Rome.

Speaking of, Rome thread is currently up - first day had 4 matches, but there's still time to get most of the round 1 picks in if you missed them! See you there!

Thank you to gn for organizing both this and the PPL.