ATP Men's Singels Western & Southern Open 2019 (The Real Slam)

Who Is Going To Win?

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Red Rick

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I turn on the stream.

I see Zverev miss a 1st serve BP down.


Zverev misses 2nd serve by a full meter.

The Green Mile

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Look at that beautiful graphic of Zverev's double fault placement lol

Zverev backhand has been quite strong though, this match is definitely winnable for Miormir if he can keep it away from that wing as much as possible. Zverev forehand isn't spraying as many errors as it was, but it's quite weak and liable still. Big serve/plus forehand has been solid although...


This Zverev Kecmanovic match is absolutely pathetic. Kecmanovic should have won in straights. Sascha is absolutely abysmal.

Deleted member 77403

Remember folks, Zverev still have the best backhand on tour...the guy has reached no less than two grand slam quarter finals

The Green Mile

Bionic Poster
Damn, that was a nasty off forehand from Miormir...

Miormir leaving court open with the forehand DTL as he was dragged wide, Zverev with a backhand winner for BP.

Misses the forehand and we're back on serve.