ATP Sudden Death League: Wimbledon


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Looks like the rest of the day might be a rain out. Aside from dcdoorknob, everyone is going to need to make their Day 6 picks even with their Day 5 results still pending. 1477aces also still needs to make a valid Day 5 pick.

Note: For Day 6, you can only choose from the matches on the top half of the draw (i.e: only those originally scheduled for tomorrow). In other words, you can NOT pick from the Gulbis, Monaco, Youzhny, or Paire matches for Day 6 even if these matches don't start today.
dizzlmcwizzl made it through (Mannarino...ballsy pick BTW!) along with dcdk.

Day 6: after the Bloody Colonel wins, the JewishJapanese deli delight, KNish will be served for Saturday's dinner!


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Thank god for the rain.
Day 5: Paire
Day 6: Del Potro

You already took Paire on Day 1. Please check the spreadsheet and pick someone else for Day 5 (realistically your choices are between the Gulbis and Youzhny matches).
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I woulda been happy for Kubot beating Paire and even tho knocking me out on day 5 ..... except seeing him do that dance after winning when he took what looked to me to be a "suspicious" MTO a couple games earier after no obvious injury, just seemed to want a rubdown of the left groin/thigh area

ah well, good luck to the rest of you! :D


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Uggggh! To get through to Day 6 and then lose a 4-6 fifth set...oh well, it's always fun and there's no rent money on it. Good luck to any survivors. I hope Kei has properly sharpened my hari kari sword!


Gulbis loss puts me out! Disappointing good luck to the guys that are remaining and thanks to the guys who make it happen!

See you guys for the North American hard court swing :)

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Singles - Fourth Round

[1] N Djokovic (SRB) vs [13] T Haas (GER)
[2] A Murray (GBR) vs [20] M Youzhny (RUS)
[4] D Ferrer (ESP) vs I Dodig (CRO)
[7] T Berdych (CZE) vs B Tomic (AUS)
[8] J del Potro (ARG) vs [23] A Seppi (ITA)
[24] J Janowicz (POL) vs J Melzer (AUT)
L Kubot (POL) vs A Mannarino (POL)
F Verdasco (ESP) vs K De Schepper (FRA)


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3 people have made it to the finals, and exactly one will end up the Wimbledon Champion.

dcdoorknob is out of picks but will move to #1 in the race by making the final, JadeC will win Wimbledon with a Djoker victory while nctennis9 will take it with a Murray win.



ATP League File (HTML)

Congrats to nctennis9 for winning his 1st Grand Slam Title and 3rd consecutive tournament following wins in Halle and Queen's Club. You are officially the Grass Court Master in 2013. Strong showing from dcdoorknob & JadeC with both making it to the finals.

Race Update:
dcdoorknob takes over 1st place in the Race by moving up 4 spots.

Rankings Update
******** continues to hold on to the top spot while ark28 moves up from 4th to 2nd, dcdoorknob stays in the 3 spot, JayChu moves up from 6th to 4th, wrxinsc drops from 2nd to 5th, Locotus moves up from 8th to 6th, boredone3456 moves up from 11th to 7th, Ico moves up from 14th to 8th, CDNguy87 moves up from 13th to 9th, and I drop from 5th to 10th.

Thanks to kishnabe and CDNguy87 for keeping things updated throughout the tournament while Jay is busy with work.

Next tournament will be the Canada Masters in August. See you then...