ATP & WTA Pros' String Setups Revealed (Federer, Djokovic, Kyrgios & more)

TW Staff



Curious what your favorite ATP & WTA Players string their racquets with and at what tension?! Us too! Lucky enough, we have done our research and spend this episode geeking out about the string set up for many of the pros we love! We cover it all from the players stringing the lowest tensions to the players pushing the limits with super tight tensions! We talk about hybrids and even discuss changing string set ups for certain players (we won't name who)!

Happy hitting!
Michelle, TW


So did Roger Federer switch to the newer Wilson gut made in belgium, or does he have a large stock of the discontinued made in France Wilson gut/pre bt7 babolat Vs that he always played with previously but which is no longer available? He has never been asked this question