Attention of Chris -Head Youtek Innegra Speed 18x20 Racquet Review

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    Dec 31, 2009
    HI Chris

    I need your help and advice, I have watched the video review of the Head IG Speed and note your comments. I have recently placed Sonic Pro edge In the IG Speed MP at 57lbs. The play is quite erratic and very little pocketing.

    I note how you did not prefer a poly set up and with a multi or a hybrid loved it and the racquet. You also said Jason tried poly at low tension and got on better.

    Please can you tell me what multis you tried that went well with this frame and what tension and alos what tension jason recommended with the poly in this frame.

    I like the ball to pocket and from that I get spin. Was putting sonic pro edge at 57lbs a bad idea ? the upper quarter where I normally hit my balls and im a high hitter on the bed seems too taught and not forgiving perhaps because of my 57lbs stringing with sonic edge.

    I did try sonic pro normal in the demo and I have no idea what the tension was but it had been used for a 3 months with aggressive hitting but had no dead spots and had a big sweetspot

    There are a lot of questions for you on this thread but is sonic pro normal black 1.25 an option at 50lbs tension
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    Much of what you describe matches my experience with a poly which was strung either right at, or very close to, the 57lbs you are hitting.

    I played several strings in the racquet with Tecnifibre NRG2 feeling great. As for Jason, he was stringing around 48lbs with a poly and finding better results than the same string at mid tension.

    I think with that racquet, either a poly at low tensions or a more powerful multi type of string is going to open up the stringbed and offer you a more controlled response. I would recommend first just lowering the tension and using the same string to see if that solves the issue. While 50lbs would be a fine place to start, I'd probably drop down to 48lbs if it were me.

    Hope that helps,
    Chris, TW

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