Aussies - Check out Ch 7-2 in the early hours!


For those other aussies out there, it seems most nights Channel 7-2 is now playing "classic" Australian Open matches in the wee hours.

Tomorrow (Sunday) 'morning' is a GREAT one, Agassi - Sampras, a match I actually attended live :D
It has been on for a while now. If you're hoping to see great matches like Safin vs Federer 05, Rafa vs Verdasco 09, Hewitt vs Bagdhatis 08, Roddick vs El Aynaoui 03 etc then you've unfortunately already missed out, unless they put replays of them again.


holy volley, i completely miss those... 2 am is too early for me.. and my recorder is almost full :(

Thanks for posting anyway...


just got the ch. 7 two tv guide online... tomorrow morning will be from 00.45 to 5 am. Pat Cash vs Wilander

Fedrer vs Safin 2004 final Wednesday 1.30 am

I should record it.
Just a heads up - it looks like they actually will be replaying some of the matches they've already played! Good news for those that missed out.

I checked the foxtel guide and next Sunday (26/12) will be the Nadal vs Verdasco semi from 09. They have already played this one about a month ago so maybe they will replay some of the others too.

Paul Murphy

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Yeah, it's been terrific.
Lots of gaps in my DVD tennis collection have been filled.
The schedule is a little irregular though.


hey just found this out too.
def recording Verdasco vs Nadal 09 this coming sunday and transferring it to DVD straight away. =D.


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Federer v Safin 04 final: Wednesday 1:30am

Pumped to watch 04 Fed :)

Shattered I missed Nalbandian v Hewitt
I'll be in Australia during the 2011 Australian Open. I'll keep an eye out for these and perhaps record. Good opportunity to get perfect picture quality of old matches :D