Australian Open 2019 ATP and WTA winners prediction thread

The time is nearing for our respective idols to line up again down-under to play for Grand Slam glory. Yes, Djokovic and Federer will be favs from an ATP perspective but the WTA is much less clearer.

My prediction for the men would have to be Novak based off his impeccable history at the event since first clinching it in 2008. I think dark-horses could be Kevin Anderson (if the court speed remains medium-fast like in '17 and '18) and Zverev (surely its time for him to breakthrough at a Slam).

As for the women I can't see Wozniacki defending, she had a dream draw in '18 and she's not the player she was 12 months ago, Halep has an injury question mark and generally needs a lot of matches to really get on a roll and Serena probably won't be getting cakewalk draws like Wimby and U.S Open this year so she'll be tested much earlier than the finals and could bomb out early. I mean her Wimbledon draw this year was possibly the cakewalkiest draw I've ever seen up until she played Kerber.

I think Safarova will win, she's been a finalist before at a major, she has the game to beat anybody, she's coming off a bad year but we've seen the WTA players with major talent win majors coming from nowhere (Pennetta 2015 U.S Open, Ostapenko 2017 French, Stephens 2017 U.S Open etc).

Dark-horses are Venus Williams and of course Sabalenka who is definitely someone who could change the game and take athleticism and power to a level not seen before if she can develop a bigger serve.
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I will bet any money Federer won't win. His days of winning the big tournaments are behind him. He can barely win small tournaments now.
I don't know. I mean its not guaranteed that Djokovic will have the perfect prep, or come in perfectly healthy etc. He has lost games to lesser players even after winning Wimbledon.
There could still be upsets, which means Fed has as much a chance as the rest.
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