Australian Open 2022 Final: Rafael Nadal vs Daniil Medvedev

Nadal or Med?

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Ginger ninja

He is not the next Djokovic. Nowhere close actually. Djokovic went 5 with Murray in the semis then came back on court for a 6 hr 5- setter against Nadal. Medvedev went 4 with Tsitsipas with an easy 4th set and is gassed in the 4th set.
Yes, but these back to back wins were well suspect. Nobody has done anything close to that in the history of tennis. 11 hrs of amazing quality tennis back to back….


Rafa in a fifth set of the AO Final. Let's flip the script please.

Can't believe this thing could really run 5 hours. This sport is just ridiculous with the drama
Football is overall my favorite sport but man, the highs and lows of tennis are something else.


This gonna be all time brutal loss if Nadal takes this in five.
They're both tired. Time to man up in the 5th set, both players. Championship Nuts. Big Balls. Full James Hunt.

Problem for Med is even if Nadal is tired, he doesn't need his legs as much as Med to produce winning tennis. He's got that brutish shotmaking ability and the natural arm strength and torque. He can arm his way to a win. Med looks impotent.


lol I turned off in the 3rd set.. WHAT happened?????????????????????????? how did Nadal come back? it was totally over in the beginning of the 3rd set??