Australian Open has the best tennis.

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Is this the best Grand Slam of tennis of the 4?

  • Yes it is. It always keeps us up at night.

    Votes: 16 72.7%
  • Nah, I've seen better tennis at the others.

    Votes: 6 27.3%

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First Baggy and Safinator, now Kohl and ARod... What next?

Two great matches in two nights.

What more is to come?


Baggy will beat Hewitt in a classic 5 setter with a loud crowd.

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Yeah I am looking forward to Baggy and Hewitt's match.

Baggy's fan club + Hewitt's home crowd = World Cup + Superbowl + World Series.


I fell asleep during the Blake match then woke up at around 5-4 5th set in the Tipsy match. So I voted for the last option :)


you stayed up for Kohl-Rod match too? I didn't care much for that one but I was able to catch the last game when I woke up.
I have the tennis channel (is espn going to air Baggy-Hewitt match?) in which case i might have to stay up

looks like Berdych's match is a good one too. so much tennis!
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Modified Poll: How Many Hours of Sleep in last 24 Hours?

seeing as what the tennis world has delivered over the last 24 hours, I assume it's going to be minimal


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Believe it or not,exactly two hours.I would go to sleep now but I'll wait to see if Hewitt and Bagdathis will play today,hope Venus finishes quicly.


In an era with Tivo / DVR, whiy would you sleep fewer than 4 hours per day just because a tennis tournament is going on?
It's just not the same.

staying up until sun comes up to watch tennis.
lowering the tv volume to not wake up others in the house
talking to great people on TW during commercials
resisting the urge to scream at the top of my lungs for unbelievable shots

life is great


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i would say about 3....the past 24 hours has just been completely thrilling tennis....especially that federer-tipsarevic match, oh my goodness....
The worst part is that I watch matches in bed, with the sound fairly low, so its watch; sleep for a half hour or hour, watch, sleep a little more. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture used in the old Soviet jails. Doing it voluntarily is what, masochism?


3, but it hasn't all been because of tennis:

I got up @ 5 AM to go to work.
Left work @ 10 AM to take my kids skiing.
Arrived home @ 8 PM from the slopes.
Went to play poker.
Arrived home from poker ~ 1AM to find Federer playing.
Stayed up 'til 5:15 EST to watch that match.
Slept 3 hours.
woke up @ 8 & am now switching between the Baghdatis/Hewitt match and Blake's comeback.

Thank God for Red Bull...
Im a paramedic that works 24 hour shifts. I woke up early yesterday morning to watch the Roddick match before work. Well, I had to be at work at 8am so I missed some of the big moments later in the match. I was in the process of checking off my ambulance in the morning and I kept finding excuses to run back into the station and glance at the TV in my bedroom to check on the score! I stayed busy running calls most of the day. Then around 10 pm when ESPN came on with the Blake match I got to watch most of that, i got a call just before the 5th set started and I was so pissed cause I wanted to see if Blake could close it out. I got back just in time to see Blake serve out the match. Then I got another call, when i came back Fed was playing and had just lost the first set. I stayed up for most of the Fed match, my co workers think Im completely nuts (cause we're allowed to sleep at night when we can) and I was sitting up in my bedroom glued to a 19 inch sanyo screen untill like 3:30 in the morning, then I think I dozed off somehow. I got another call around 4:30 and felt completely horrible getting up for that one. At that point Fed and Tips were 3 all in the 5th. When I got back after 5, the match was over and they were showing highlights. I fell asleep again until my alarm went off at 6:55. So Ive had right around 2 hours.


I decided to get more sleep, so I watched the last part of the Blake match, first set of the Federer match, and now watching Baghdatis and Hewitt.
How Could Someone Even Argue That Tennis is Not the Best Sport in the World?

After what we are witnessing in Australia.


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This years Australian Open is surely a classic.

Federer + Tipsarevic earlier today


Baghdatis (God in disguise) + Hewitt 5th set in session!

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Imagine the finals this year.
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Oz Open: Has it shattered your expectations of opening rounds?

Federer is taken to a long 5th set
Blake coming back 2 sets down against a guy he always lost against
Roddick against Phillip K.

Seems like the non-seeds and qualifiers are stepping it up this year :)


I slept 3 hours but only because I was really tired from the last days.
I went bed after the Fed match and I woke up in the 3rd set of Hewitt-Baghdatis. Please Rafa finish your match soon tonight.


just woke up lol I got close to 8 hrs though, i went to sleep after the fed match

Saw about 10-11 hrs total yesterday