Australian Open SF: Novak Djokovic vs. Jannik Sinner

Who will win?

  • Sinner in 3

  • Sinner in 4

  • Sinner in 5

  • Djokovic in 3

  • Djokovic in 4

  • Djokovic in 5

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Hall of Fame
How does this match feel compared to some of the recent times Novak has been down 2 sets to 0 in a Slam? (2023 Djere USO, 2022 Sinner W, 2021 Medvedev USO, 2021 Tsitsipas RG).
That wide serve in the deuce court is normally a very reliable fallback for Novak. Sinner is literally eating it for breakfast.

@dking68 warned us for four months that Sinner was going to do this in the first major of 2024.

Ray Mercer

Hall of Fame
Djokovic has come back from two down plenty of times but he looks washed up. He’s spraying errors everywhere and getting outmaneuvered from the baseline.