Australian Open TV replaying the Roddick El Aynaoui match at the moment...

El-Aynoui was actually playing great that tournament. Had just beaten Hewitt the round before.
El Aynaoui might've lost in the first round if Gimelstob didn't get cramps and had to retire. I believe El Aynaoui was down two sets and a break.

But yeah, I definitely think he picked up his game moving on. The Hewitt/Roddick matches are probably the back to back matches of his life. Played like a typical top 5ish player.

Fantastic match this was, one of the best I've seen. Stats from this match always get me. 102 W/31 UE for Roddick and 107 W/55 UE for El Aynaoui.

This is the best match Roddick ever played at the AO factoring in both individual level of play and competition.