Azarenka is Awesome Thread


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if she's so awsome,, why does she have a mental block against Serena ?? its like becoming like sharapova.................:Do_O

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Is Chris Evert on something? Shes rambling and mumbling more than usual tonight about absolutely nothing. She needs one of Thiem’s redbulls. She’ll be mumbling about the all Mom semifinal in no time

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she is hands down the most mindless commentator....and given the McEnroe brothers, that’s romping home against some stiff competition

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Wins matches in opens and takes a game or two off pro's. I forget his name but he logs them on the usta site.

Pretty good in my book for a non pro.
A friend of mine played him and said he was mediocre in the extreme. Think it was a 1 and 1 job.
if you watch any of the doubles matches he played with Vika, he was pretty awful.


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I'm happy for Vika, she deserves that win. Not sure she'll get past Osaka, but kudos to her for finally getting the win over Serena.


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I second it.
Azarenka has the mental toughness to win the 3rd set and match against Serena.

All her previous opponents simply melted away when there is a sniff of victory


She says her ego is smaller now. I dislike her screeches while hitting her shots, but I'm warming up to her.

Very endearing post-match interview:



Really enjoyed the match.
Congrats to Osaka, Azarenka really fought.
My fav was her getup, all 70's shorts like 'I'm a mom that just put her hair up for tennis practice'. Except this was the us open final.


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I'll just leave this right here. For the record Kenin is one of my favorite players. I don't think she's quite ready for the clay. :oops:



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he Belarusian has already distinguished herself from some of her more introverted rivals, wearing a loud fluorescent yellow outfit on court and swearing like a trooper at herself during matches when disappointed with her play.

Azarenka took it to another level on Saturday, when she cursed during her courtside interview in front of some 7,000 fans at Margaret Court Arena, using an obscenity to describe her dismay at missing an attempted lob when serving for the match.

The 25-year-old told her interviewer the word could be "bleeped out" and later made no apologies for the 'sailor talk'.

"I'm having a lot more fun," Azarenka, wearing a multi-coloured pair of leggings and a trucker's cap backwards, told reporters of her new season.

"I'm just being me. I say what I want to say. I laugh when I want to laugh. I play how I want to play. I grunt when I want to grunt. I don't think I've changed as a person. I think I grew as a person. I think I'm able to speak my thoughts more freely, which before I think I was holding back and really was trying to fit into some kind of image that a lot of people, a lot of players do. I think it's very important to stay original, to stay yourself, true to yourself, to who you are.

"So I think I had to learn that and just be able to live with that and accept who I am as a person. I still have a lot of room to improve, but I love the way where I'm heading."

A happy Azarenka is likely to mean a tough match for her next opponent Dominika Cibulkova, the pint-sized Slovakian who was a surprise finalist last year.

Though a fierce challenger on court, Azarenka said she was also going out of her way to be more friendly in the locker room, reaching out more to her rivals.

"I just think we all have to forget that tension off the court and really enjoy it," she said. "If we look at other sports, there's so much incredible bond and just relations that I think on the tour we can do much better."



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I am a vika fan but has anyone ever asked her why she has pictures with Lukashenko? It would appear that she supports him.


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Just one more reason to admire Vika!
Shame on Rome tournament and their lousy court maintenance. Kasatkina's foot caught the protruding line. It's a Masters level tournament ffs. :mad: Still remember Djokovic playing his QF and SF last year on court that played like a potato plantation.

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I used to strongly dislike Azarenka but I always believed she is one of the best at challenging Serena.
Very pleased to see her back to form. She looks happy again too. Dedicated mother and overcame ridiculousness over the last 3 years.