Azarenka unsponsored with rackets again?


Kinda like Sabelenka, they grunt on a volley or a slice, its so fake and brings NOTHING to her game. Yes, I know this is an old thread but watching her is brutal, as to the williams sisters, I cant stand Serena but at least Venus and Serena will exhale on the hard shots that is perfectly legit. The shriek on every shot is just being something you arent.
In Azerenkas defense she has a ton of personal problems and is playing better tennis than any one of of could play so if she is blaming her racquet its probably a mind thing. Someone over the summer acted as if she was all the sudden a bottom challenger tour player.
Well she has had a tough battle for custody of her child and being able to bring him on tour if that is what you’re alluding too. I would say considering she’s had to have one mind on that and being a mom and another on her tennis no doubt it’ll be a tougher transition. And within that whole process was a racquet change and than change back and than wherever she is now.

In regards to her racquet seems like her old Wilson copy of her older Head racquet.

In regards to the grunt something to be said for the fact she’s consistent with. And us as the viewer who gives a crap how her tennis grunting included impacts us. It works for her and is within the rules. And she truly doesn’t seem to be doing this for gamesmanship.


I am saying the racquet change isnt the same as people make it, she is still in the top of her craft with every racquet she used.

I said I dont like watching people that grunt to grunt. If you are exhaling on a shot that is going to be pounded then I can enjoy the game but if you want to shriek on light volley at the net I have no interest in watching you play and the faster you are out of the draw the better.