Babolat 2010 Racquet Bags...


...We got any photo's yet? :D

The Wilson BLX Bags look like a mixture between a Happy Meal and a Womble (Ironically from Wimbeldon...) so I think I'll give those a miss.

Plus I mainly use Babolat, so y'know, we all like to keep our bags the same as our racquets.

Just wondering if I should grab one now or if the ones out next month will look even better! Probably need a 6 and a 12.
The new bags are coming out again? I thought they only new ones once ever 2 or so years.

I'd say the current ones look pretty sleek. If you're thinking about getting a 6 or 12, I'd say either go with the 9 or 12. I have the 9 pack and it features an insulated compartment for your racquets. The six doesn't have this feature. If you don't use that compartment, it's useful for keeping cold drinks. I once kept a frozen bottle in there from 7 am to 6 pm in 85 degree weather and the ice didn't even melt all the way yet! Plus, the 9 and 12 give you an extra matching shoe bag.


Haven't seen a 9 where I am, but I'll definatley have a look, sounds like a perfect comprimise! I only reeeally need the thermo compartment for my k90 which I string in natural gut, but its always nice to have it anyway.

And yes, they are apparently releasing new bags, well... the poster in this thread, Dorian Grey, claims to have seen all the new range, so yeah, if theyre as nice as he says they are im definatley in, although putting signatures on bags is utter fail.
Ohhh you mean the Aero line of bags! I was assuming the team line.

I take it that the new Aero bags will definitely be more expensive than the Team bags. It will probably resemble the new Aero racquets.

I see that in your signature you have seven racquets... I'd say 9 is a good size. That way, you have room for your racquets and clothes and whatnot... without the bag being too big or small.

If you like yellow/black, you should probably wait for the new Aero bags to come out. Don't they usually come out when the racquets do? My stringer tells me to expect the racquets to be out when AO 2010 comes. The Aero bag, however, will probably cost another 15 bucks compared to the Team bags though. Then again, you get what you pay for... the Aero bags are usually a bit higher in quality.

BTW, I really do love my Team 9 pack. I throw it around a lot being in HS tennis, and it still looks 100% from the day I bought it.


Im not a big fan of the Team line of bags, they look very dull if you ask me. But yes, yellow and black bags are hot!

Sounds good that they're durable. Im currently using a cheapy wilson 6 bag I got free with my K90, its pretty dull and falling apart after only a few months, but then it is, like yours, being thrashed about on the BUCS circuit.


so do we actually no if a new bag line is coming? id like to get a bag for xmas but if a new, better one is coming, maybe i should wait
I'm pretty sure a new bag is coming out. If the new Aero is coming out, I'm almost positive that the bag some come out along with it. The current aero bag has been here since the prehistoric era...

I hear the new aero racquet will be out in January 2010, or following the AO 2010, and am assuming the bag will be out as well.


the current aero bag camr out in 05/06 with the original aero pros, in 07 they updated it with the silver bits and that is still the current one. ive heard the new one is mainly yellow, thought pics might have surfaced by now


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A new bag for the Aero GT line? Maybe, but I was really never a fan of the bright yellow color of Aero.
Personally, stick to the club line man. I have a Babolat Triple Club Line bag, and it looks so nice and very versatile. It has lots of room for all you stuff, while its still thin enough to look good.


I'll probably need the thicker one anyway, The current Aero bags are awesome, I love the black and yellow.

Why are there no photo's yet! There are photo's of every new line out so far, except for these.


They have been shown in this thread for a few days now..

Also, If you have seven racquets, you'll want a twelve pack. A twelve pack has racquet space for six if you use the center compartment for clothes, shoes, etc...Here is the better image from the other thread



I wonder why they don't make the Aero bags in 3-pack.. I was looking to get a smaller bag for practice but I guess I'll go with the 6-pack if that's the smallest. Anyone know if these are dropping for pre-order on 2/1 with the new APDGT??
That Babolat backpack looks superb in terms of practicality. Love the shoe pouch and the ball compartment.

Only problem with that colour scheme is that when you put on the backpack on you end up looking like a wasp on legs! Eeesh!


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Just purchased my 2010 Aero x12 bag. I have the old one, which I like a lot, because of all the thermal compartiments and size, but I really think the new one looks way better.

I'm expecting it to be delivered home in 2 weeks. Just can't wait!:D