Babolat 2502e


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One of these is for sale in my area, and since it`s clearly a machine of some age I`m a bit sceptic!

Do any of you know how old this machine could be?
It looks like a star 4, but it`s printed 2502e on the side.

And is it still possible to get hold of spare parts for this machine if something breaks down?

I live in europe if that matters
2502E machine

The 2502E (E for electronic display) is the European designation for the Star 4.

This machine is came out sometime in 1990s. I think you can give the serial number to your local Babolat rep and get a manufacturer's date.

Spares are still available, but no one seems to know when Babolat will stop supporting these machines.

It's a great machine if properly maintained. It's still being used by Nate Ferguson P1 Stringers, and Roman Prokes of **** stringers.

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^^^I heard the same when I last spoke to Babolat. They will continue making parts for the star 4/2502, but don't know for how long. Parts for machines made before these are no longer made, although there are still some parts left over, but when they are gone,,,,,,they are gone.