Babolat APD+ w/Cortens vs PD+ w/Cortex

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by backhander, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. backhander

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    Mar 3, 2004
    So I'm thinking out of trying out some Babolat racquets, having never used Babolat before. I've mainly used Prince racquets and Yonex Raquets. Ranging from POG OS and POG Longbody to the Yonex RQS 11 and the Yonex RQ is 1. I've always liked the feel of Prince racquets, but their "Holes" Technology kind of turns me off. Yonex racquets have helped me generate more spin, but the sticks I've used seem to not have enough sting.

    I like to generate my own pace by hitting out, but i'm also a smaller guy so some help in the power department would help.

    The AeroPro Drive Plus with Cortex and Pure Drive Plus with Cortex seem to have similar stats so I'm curious what's the difference. I like the ability to hit topspin to control the shot and have more margin for error, but I would like to flatten my shot out and go for the winner as well. Which stick allows this better? I am looking for more power, but not huge amounts, I still would value control. Which is better for serving? How are these sticks with 2 handed backhands?

  2. Vincent Left

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    Jul 16, 2008
    Oh here I found this thread so I don't need to post the same one.

    I'm equipped with PDC+ now, it's top spin friendly and comfortable for serve and flatten shots. But many people comment this one as a Rocket Launcher, which generate lota power.

    I'm considering both PDC+ and APDC+ for my next reserve, I tried APD two times, it requires more head speed, and allows more power into the ball while you still get control (up to a level that with PDC+ you may overpowered already), which means it generates less power itself. Anyway, it is also said that with a faster swing and stronger power, APDC+ can be an awful weapon... Nadal's an example

    Both racquets are perfect choice for DHBH, I believe. Any further comment on these two?

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