babolat black rubber strip


basically on babolat rackets ive noticed that you get this (usually black strip) which is rubber and it goes ontop of the overgrip at the top to secure the overgrip.

anyoneone know whats it called and where to purchase a few of them


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Thanks guys!!!,..I was gonna get those but i guess i wont!! :)...(but then back to the OPs question and mine now,...where CAN a guy get them??:confused:)
Try emailing TW. They probably have some extra ones laying around that they may sell to you.


which ones should i get, as i have never had any of those, the only ones i can find on internet is Tourna Grip Bands.

as i live in UK - wont be buying it from tenniswarehouse due to shipping costs,
the only other one i know if is the babolat( as title suggest) but carnt find it anywhere


They're not just on Babolat racquets, most brands but them on the higher quality racquets.

You can get them online but to be honest, I've never seen them in actual shops.

Trying looking on old racquets or asking friends if they have any spare. I've also noticed a lot of high quality replacement grips have them included, so you could try that (quite expensive if you have no use from the grip though).


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yeah, now i've got so many of those gamma ones, just so convenientwhen one snaps that i then can't find just one...but i like how they're included with the grips.
Shops should start throwing them into like a jar and selling them for like a quarter each.