Babolat Boost Drive


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Hi guys, I started playing again 3 months ago after a 15 years hiatus. I played for 5 years as a kid from 8 to 13 years old.

I bought a Babolat Boost Drive as it seemed to be a very decent racquet that could no wrong. Now that I’m starting to find my groove back and hit the ball a bit harder I find that I lack control. I compared with my partners’ racquets a Babolat Boost Aero and a Head Radical Pro (from 2013 I believe) and have found that I’m making less mistakes with both of them.
It seems a bit weird to me because the Boost Aero is virtually the same racquet with a slightly smaller head (102 vs 105 I think). I don’t think anything is wrong with the frame itself and I’m thinking of restring it. Different strings and tension should help me with control? Do you guys have any recommendations regarding both strings choice and tension?

Thanks in advance.