Babolat Enters the Pickleball Scene!


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Solid review and great info. I’ve demoed the Power version of each paddle and would give similar feedback. I really like the touch of the RNGD which is what I chose but definitely had a little more power with the RBEL and it felt a little whippier, if thats a word. After this review I’m a little intrigued by the Touch versions so I’ll have to stop back in my local shop and give them a go as well.


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These TP reviews are very useful..they are providing the information that one needs to determine if a particular paddle is right for you... Example...the mention of the paddle being more head light compared to the other...

Personally..I too prefer a more headlight paddle as it's better suited for my touch/dinking style game...

I can use a more head heavy paddle if I am playing lower level opponents..

But the speed of a lighter paddle is important to me at higher level play..


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Hey TP...If you ever have message board participants play test like TW does for tennis racquets...sign me up..I am all in... It would be fun...


Whether light or heavy, balance is key for me. I can't play with a head heavy pickleball paddle or tennis racket for that matter. As the key to winning PB is taking control of the net, and you need a head light or balanced paddle to react quickly to fast volleys. Both games are played over a net but are very different in tactics and play.


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Correct.. controlling the flight of ball in the air space over the kitchen is key..
Controlling the kitchen is like controlling and dominating the lane in basketball... as well as defending...
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