Babolat head guard suggestions


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Out of all the racquets I've stung in my short stringer life (a couple of months and 100 racquets), the Babolat head guard for the Pure Drive gives me fits. I worked on one the other day for 2 hours. Any suggestions on how to get these way-to-small head guards to go on easier?
On Babolats, always go "throat to throat". Start on the bottom of one side, and then go up the the head, and then back down to the other side towards the throat. If you try to put the side grommets on first, then the headguard, it is very difficult. In fact, all grommets should be put on starting at the bottom of one side, and then around the circumference of the frame until you reach the opposite side. Using a heat gun, or soaking in hot water can also make them much easier to work with. Of course, also use an awl to help guide the grommets in their holes. Just takes practice to be able to do them fast. You will learn how many grommet holes, you need to push in, then how many to seat, then how many more to push in, etc. The grommets ahead of the one you are trying to "seat" need to be pushed in or you will not be able to properly seat the grommet you are working on.
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