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Discussion in 'Strings' started by pabletion, Oct 15, 2009.

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    Hey, I recently bought a Bab Hurricane Pro reel, 16g and have strung only twice since I bought it. The first string job, I did a hybrid, with Gosen OG Sheep 16g on crosses, since that was my previous cross string. Strung at 55 lbs mains, 57 lbs crosses. It felt really good, really soft compared to what I used before, very spin friendly and powerful. After that I decided to try the Hurricane in a full string job, and I strung at 58 lbs. I decided to use it until it broke, no matter what, to see how it changed after usage and how long it lasted. Well, today I finally broke them. I strung maybe a month ago, or possibly 5 weeks ago (I only played once last week, though). Instead of counting the days, I decided to count play time instead; along the way I kinda lost track of time, but the string finally lasted about 16-18 hours of regular play. What I noticed: freshly strung, a bit stiff, not too much really, and after a day or so, it felt great, I thought I got sufficient spin, plenty of pop, and a great sound off the stringbed. I knew that most (or all) polys start going down the hill as time goes by, but I wanted to see the changes by myself. The string felt good until lets say the mid of what playtime I got. AFter that, it felt very dead. I felt the power going away, and the control as well. I felt balls were spreading around and I had to really swing to get angles going. Finally it broke. In conclusion, I guess its not worth it to let the string go as long as I did but then, Ive been always cheap when it comes to string and try and stretch them as long as they can go....

    Im gonna string it as a hybrid again, to compare it one more time.With the hybrid job I felt the stringbed had more bite to the ball, and more control.

    It is a very good string, but I feel that, as a full job, people who have sick raquet speed will take more advantage of it, and of other polys as well.

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