Babolat Junior 26 (Blue) stringing for comfy play


Anybody can recommend good string setup for this racquet, my 11 yo player complained about some arm/wrist pain after playing with it. I didn't see any recommended tension posted, it was restrung from factory with Hyper G @50 which I assume in the middle of recommended range.

I heard that all Babolat are very stiff rackets, do you know if this 26 version also one or they make it more confirmable for kids.

Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Junior 26 Inch Tennis Racquet (Blue)


I wouldn’t put poly - and especially not hyper-g for an 11 year old and especially not in a 26” junior racquet. I believe babolat recommends babolat xcel multi filament for their junior racquets. Not sure what tension ranges - but 50 for that should be okay to try.

Steve Huff

I just strung one with Babolat Synthetic 17 @ 49# (that was mid way in the recommended tension). He's only 11. You could easily go down a couple more pounds from that.
Thanks, all
Do you know if 26 BBLT is still stiff like his older brother ?
@esgee48, sorry what is between 25-35#, is it pounds? looks like too low for any play

No the 26 Babolats the majority of them are anywhere from 62-64 rdc stiffness. The old pure storm and control 26,s were 58ra-60 ra .