Babolat: PD Team+ vs. PD+ Cortex

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by esticks, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. esticks

    esticks Guest

    Just compared using Lux Big Banger in both at 55 lbs (approx.). The Team is about 3-yrs old with very little use. The Cortex is brand new.

    My impression is that the Team is much more powerful, especially serves.
    Slices have plenty of bite. Monster forehands are possible.

    The Cortex felt mushy. Maybe a little better control with Cortex, but on the otherhand, I had to guard against short balls that didn't kick. So the control issue is a trade-off IMO. Many of today's players will kill a short ball that just sits there in the strike zone.

    The racquets seem so close in specs and I'm told the Team is close to extinction by the maker.

    Does the Cortex stuff dampen the racquet that much.

    Comments appreciated.
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  2. Gut Reaction

    Gut Reaction Banned

    Nov 14, 2006
    Just goes to show you that people are never happy. The biggest complaint of the old PD's was vibration. babolat sort of cured that with Cortex. Now people are not sure what to complain about because they can now choose to have the vibration or play with a dampened feel!

    In either event the choice is all yours...the two racquets are virtually identical. You need to decide wheter you like the vibration or dislike the vibration.
  3. esticks

    esticks Guest

    Did some double-blind hitting with some players that know what they are doing. Conclusion was that the old PD was much more powerful, and the balance feels different. Same grip size, same strings.

    Vibration (and elbow problems) is not an issue unless you do what almost all club-level players do wrong -- grip too tightly and/or use too small a grip size.
  4. Noveson

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    Feb 27, 2006
    All elbow problems caused by gripping too tightly or too small of a grip? Do you really believe what you just said? If that were the case we'd all have it made, and the PD wouldn't be notorious for elbow problems. By the way I own the PD cortex, and haven't had any elbow issues at all.
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  5. esticks

    esticks Guest

    Name a pro, any pro, that uses (or used) the PD and suffers from tennis elbow. In fact, name any pro period, at any pro level, that has suffered (significantly) from tennis elbow.

    Now, name all the club-level players at any one time in any small club that suffer or have suffered from tennis elbow.
  6. eunjam

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    Oct 9, 2006
    name any pro that isn't strong enough to be a pro tennis player.

    go ahead. name any one.
  7. esticks

    esticks Guest

    MARIA KIRILENKO, 127 lbs; DANIELA HANTUCHOVA 123 lbs (and can probably bench press 23 lbs), MEILEN TU 5' 4'', 111 lbs. etc., etc.

    Federer as a 13 old (watch the video) could have been blown over by the wind, yet he ripped the ball back then.

    Look, there is a well-known gadget that when attached to the grip, beeps when gripped too hard. The gadget is largely silent when pros hit groundies with it. The darn thing goes off immediately when simply handed to rec players. Just standing there holding the racquet, the gadget beeps.
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