Babolat PD Team vs Pure Roddick?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by pvtennis01, Sep 27, 2006.

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    I got my pure roddick a wk ago but I just saw an ad at my school for 3 babolat PD teams (great condition, i saw the pics). I'm thinking of getting those since the price is GOOD, almost half off.

    Sooo which racquet is better?? should I or shouldn't I buy the PD team??

    From using the roddick, I see that I have to put alot of spin onto the ball to get it in and my elbow does hurt a bit after 1.5-2 sets (singles). Basically, add lots of spin roddick is good, don't add any, the balls either fly out or super slow.

    Thanks for your inputs.
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    Sep 2, 2004
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    Are the Pure Drives the new ones with the Cortex or the older models?

    If they are the newer models with the Cortex then I can't comment on them, but if they are the older models I would say by all means stick with the Pure Drive Roddick.

    See my playtest review for a couple comparisons between the Roddick and the old Pure Drive:

    BTW: if you're elbow hurts with the Roddick then it will hurt even worse with the standard Pure Drive.

  3. pvtennis01

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    I'm not exactly sure. I have a feeling its the old ones, b/c of the pictures. The ad said "3 Babolat Pure Drive Teams for sale".

    Isn't "pure drive team" just a newer name for the old pure drives?? thats what i'm thinking.

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