Babolat PHT vs MSV co Focus vs Tecnifibre Black Code.



I have a few questions about the MSV co Focus string and the Tecnifibre Black code string.

For the last 4 years I play with the Babolat PHT string 1.20 (25 kg), I really like this string, but I want to try some other strings, so I will try the MSV and Tecnifibre.

So I have some questions about the MSV and Tecnifibre comparing with the PHT.
- What about the spin, I really like the spin with PHT, but will there be more spin with the black code or co focus?
- What about the control, I think the control with the PHT is also good, but how is this compared with the other strings.

This are the most important points for me to choose a string.

I can get a sample of the MSV for $2.70, so thats a good deal.
Only the Black code is a bit more expensive than the PHT.

Please give me some reviews and advice of this three strings compared to each other.

Thanks in advance.