Babolat Pro Hurricane vs. Luxilion Big Banger

Discussion in 'Strings' started by R-Fed, Oct 19, 2006.


Which do you perfer to use at the net?

  1. Babolat Pro Hurricane

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  2. Luxilion Big Banger

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  3. Other (specify)

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  1. R-Fed

    R-Fed Rookie

    May 4, 2005
    Which of these or any other for that matter of these polyester string give you the most feel at the net either hybrid or full for an all court game?
  2. hubijerk

    hubijerk Guest

    ive been using big banger alu 16L for awhile now, its a solid string, excellent power, good control, excellent durability. i recently strung one of my wilson ncode 95's withpro hurricane tour and while it feels and acts quite a bit differently i like the hurricane much more. more spin, better control, maybe a touch less power. it took me a while to get used to serving with the hurricane tours but now that im dialed in im serving a heavier ball than i ever had before with the big banger alu and the weight of my groundstrokes has improved as well....the hurricane also feels a bit softer on my arm and it doesnt have the tinny sound of the alu. durability has been excellent so far, like new after 10 hours or so of playwith no noticeable tension drop off or notching. pro hurricane tour is my new string.

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