Babolat Pro Hurricane


I was just wondering, who has used these strings and what are they like, the honey coulered ones look so nice, i was thinking about stringing them with my rdx300. What do you think?

Greg Raven

I have a customer who uses Pro Hurricane in the mains and VS Touch in the crosses at 62 pounds both ways, in a Babolat Pure Storm Team. She plays very well with this combination.


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i use them in my fischer pro tour strung at 68lbs. i would like the tension to hold a little better but besides that they give me a great feeling string for a poly. also i break strings alot and have noticed that pro hurricane seems to last a little longer than other polys ive used.


th41291 said:
hurricane and xcel mains and crosses worked horribly on my racquet
Ive been stringing this combnation for a friend's son this summer. He does very well with it and made it through to the 3rd round at Kalamazoo earlier this month.

I used some Hurricane last year myself with mixed results then got on the latest Poly bandwagon with SPPP/Polystar Energy/Poly Polar/Cyberflash/etc and scrapped it. Bought a Aero Tour a couple of weeks ago that was strung with it and really enjoyed it...of course it could just be the racquet... :) Have some Red Code that been laying around dying to get used to try in it next if I can bring myself to string up the red string in a blk/yellow racquet. If its not any better we may go back to the Hurricane for a while in this particular racquet.