Babolat Pure Storm GT Paint Jobs


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Hey all - I have really loved using Babolat Pure Storm GT's in my past - particularly the tour models. I have been picking up a few here and there on **** when they come up. one thing I cant get to the bottom of is the slight differences in paint jobs within the seemingly same model.

Sometimes, they are all red and white like this model:

Or sometimes they have a lot of grey on the throat, like this one:

Or maybe, a black throat model like this one:

Does anyone know what the differences are? I can't find anything online about them.


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the one with grey/silver in the throat is the PS Tour GT, IIRC. the one with the black in the throat is the non tour version PT GT.

and yes, they are fantastic frames. :)


Pure Storm GTs, Tour GTs and GT LTD+. My PS Tour GTs came with black paint from 10-2 on the head. The PS GTs came with silver/gray at 10-2, GT 95 LTD+ black from 10-2.
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Thanks everyone. So sounds like this:

Grey by the throat = 2009 PS GT TOUR
Red by the throat = 2011 PS GT TOUR

Everything else, not Tour versions!