Babolat Pure Storm GT vs Prince exo3 tour 16x18

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Nikae, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Nikae

    Nikae Rookie

    Nov 18, 2009
    Anyone by any chance has used both sticks long enough to answer my questions? :)

    I know prince is more arm friendly,

    but what about:

    -control & power
    -spin (I guess exo3 wins here)

    I would lead them both at 3&9, with about 4g, but I would also add 2g or so on the handle on babolat only (so its less head heavy).

    I am 4.0 player, like to be aggressive which isn't always good because I play tournaments on clay courts only.
  2. downs_chris

    downs_chris Professional

    Jun 14, 2009
    Northern VA
    I've played fairly extensively with both frames. Even a weighted up EXO3 Team - that I had weighted up to about 12 oz. But yeah, I had my Pure Storm GT leaded up to about 12 oz, as well as the EXO3 16x18. Here's how I rank them:

    Volleys: Pure Storm GT - I felt it was slightly more stable which made it better at the net.

    Serves: Toss-up, both frames could serve decent. I'll give the nod for kick serves to the exo3, but both do the job.

    Control: This definitely goes to the Pure Storm. The 16x20 string is way more predictable to me than the wild 16x18 string pattern of the EXO3 16x18. That prince frame is a bit wild - I know people who have played with the 18x20 and thought that they could get similar spin but much more control with that version.

    Power: Toss-up here - both have about the same power levels.

    Spin: I'd give the edge to the EXO3, but the Pure Storm GT does a decent job as well.

    For me, the EXO3 string bed was just a little too lively to me, even with a full poly. Good luck!
  3. InfCross

    InfCross New User

    Jan 4, 2012
    I demoed both PSGT and Exo3 tour 16x18, both are great sticks, but ended up choosing the PSTGT, I felt its more stable and predictable. If u like them, u might take a look at the Vcore 98d, another great racquet(2nd place in my demo, just after the PSTGT).
  4. Nikae

    Nikae Rookie

    Nov 18, 2009
    Those are some great reviews! Too bad I can't buy Yonex rackets around here.

    I know Prince should be a smarter solution, considering that I play on clay, but considering my game styles I think I'll go with the Pure Storm.

    More opinions are more then welcome though :)
  5. parasailing

    parasailing Hall of Fame

    Jul 19, 2009
    Prince EXO3 tour is easy on the arm and is the only racquet I can use with a full set of poly, that is how soft it is. It is a spin monster but doesn't produce a heavy ball like the the PSTGT which offers decent spin production and lots of power with control.

    PSGT is a bit underpowered and I would opt for hte Exo3 Tour instead unless you make additional modifications to the racquet.
  6. TheOneHander

    TheOneHander Professional

    Jan 9, 2010
    They're pretty similar racquets, IMO, except for a few things. The PSGT doesn't offer as much margin as the EXO3 does. The Tour is a lot more forgiving on off-center hits, allowing for not only more comfort but for fewer UFEs as well. Spin, of course, goes to the Tour as well, but the PSGT is no slacker. I also think the PSGT offers a more controlled response, whereas the Tour gives you more free pop. That being said, though, the Tour isn't too powerful, and is very controllable (but I've been playing it with full poly in the low forties/high thirties while the PSGT was strung with a higher tension poly/syn gut hybrid).

    Volley-wise, the PSGT is stabler at the net, but the Tour lets me get more shots back over when I'm stretched out or trying to return a pass because it's so fast to respond. The PSGT offers a much crisper feel, while the Tour has a cushy, soft, more touch-y response. Serves are about the same, but I feel that the Tour (again) offers more margin and spin.

    That being said, I still really love the PSGT. It's basically a less forgiving, more demanding Tour. Can you tell us more about your racquet history, playing style, and what you really want in a racquet?
  7. krunchy

    krunchy New User

    Nov 7, 2009
    Based on you saying you like to play aggressively, I'd lean towards the PSGT. If you were more of a consistent top spinner then the Tour would get the thumbs up, but in my experience the PSGT will hit a heavier ball.

    Both great racquets though

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