Babolat Pure Strike 98 vs Yonex Score 98 (2021)


New User
Hello everyone,
I'm here to know your experience with Pure strike 98 and Vcore 98.

While hating babolat and loving the charm of Yonex, I've been using Pure strike since the first generation.

I hoped until the last that this new vcore 98 was the pure strike killer.
Unfortunately it wasn't like that, I also find strike still much more powerful and stable.

I noticed that pure strike is often out of specification with a balance that often reaches 33.6 cm when strung.
This allows pure strike to reach over 330 SW.

In addition to this it seems that the new vcore 98 are under specifications and therefore with a poor quality control.
I have not been able to verify it with the machine but I have been able to ascertain with certainty that vcore 98 lacks SW.

Do you have similar experiences?