Babolat Pure Strike VS Tour question


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Hello, good morning,

I am a user of Babolat Pure Control Tour (version before Strike VS tour) and my racquets are too beaten, basically on the end-of-life due the massive usage.. :) I am looking for a replacement of these racquets and read in other threads (some employee from Babolat) saying that the Strike VS tour is the exactly racquet just only with different paint job. Could you confirm this? based on the information the new version is a bit stiffer and with a higher swingweight.

Anyway, if this difference confirms, I am thinking about the Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tour 18x20 as a replacement option (seems that the swingweight and stiffness are more in my range specification).

Based on your experiences which racquet do you believe could be a good option? (I was a youtek prestige mp user that regrets everyday by have sold them some years ago, if head launched that racquet again I would buy a bunch just to don't let it go)

Thank you very much

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The Strike VS Tour is the same mold, but a lot of people say it doesn't feel as solid as previous models. You should look into the VCore 95. The width of the crosses is basically the same and they have the same string pattern. Yonex's 95 plays bigger than the 95 sqin would suggest and it feels very solid.

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The Strike VS Tour is definitely worth a try. I actually was using it for a few months after we reviewed it, and I added some weight to the hoop at 3 and 9 o'clock. It has a bit firmer feel compared to your Pure Control Tours, but it is still possesses a lot of traits that the Pure Control, and Pure Storm racquets had. That being said, coming from a perspective of having used the Youtek Prestige MP, the Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tour 18x20 or 16x19 could both be great options for you. They have more of the Prestige type feel, compared to the Strike VS Tour, but the Strike VS Tour offers some decent pop, and spin. I hope that helps you somewhat, and maybe you can get your hands on some demos.
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My racket of choice is the Prokennex Q+5 pro. Super unknown but I love it. I got to try the Strike VS Tour once at a demo event, and I liked it for its "solidity". My Prokennex has a similar feel, maybe give it a try. #WeNeedMoreProkennexUsers