Babolat Pure Strike vs Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph

Austin B

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Hello! Currently I am using the Babolat Aero Pro Drive and love this racquet. However, I have recently been looking into the two racquets mentioned in the title. I love Babolat and have only used a Wilson branded racquet once or twice. I am looking for something with more control. I would love to hear your thoughts on the two and one you recommend. Thanks!

Doc Hollidae

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The Pure Strike would probably be the better of the two to move on to. It's more similarly spec'd and has similar performance. I play with the The RF97A will be a completely different beast from the other two is over an ounce heavier than both sticks. Moving to the Pure Strike would definitely be more seamless and familiar than moving to the RF97A.

I get that there is the draw of playing with Federer's racket, but the truth is, most recreational players don't have the games or ability to utilize the RF97A to it's full potential. The weight is something that most people aren't used to these days. Sure they can make adjustments, but are the adjustments positive ones are just adjustments to make the RF97A playable for them?


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The Pure Strike TOUR hit a very hard ball. It's a little dead in returning serves if you have a 1hbh, even with lead. If you have a 2hbh, you may be fine. Hits very well, and it's just $89.


A better comparison would be with the RF97s which btw I prefer over Babolat Pure Strike Tour (and over the RF97)


well these 2 racquets are very different for one.

1. demo
2. i'm guessing you'll end up preferring the babolat over the wilson. if you're not used to a 12+ oz stick with a 330+ swing weight then you probably won't like it.
Not even in the same league. The RF 97 is a beast of a racquet and requires better preparation. The Pure Strike 16x19 is pretty good but is a bit hollow and not as solid feeling but that is due to the weight difference.