Babolat RH12 Bag Wish List


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I use one of these bags and was thinking about some improvements that could be made to it to suit what I like.

I have the model prior to the current one and find the racket pockets too tight. I know this was rectified on the current model. I was about to get one and then I noticed where the shoe storage was and politely declined.

  1. I would prefer the shoe storage to be on top like my current bag, it's easy to get the shoes in and out and also my ankle straps reside in there, the new bag just looks too tight and fiddly.

  2. With all the stuff I carry, the bag weighs a bit. I'd love it if they would put some wheels on it so you could use it like a suitcase draggy bag.
That's pretty much it, anyone have other ideas?



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i have a 2019 RH12 in white and gold colours (Wimbledon edition) - i quite like it so far. the compartments are huge and the zippers works well so far.
there are 2 x thermo compartments for the racquets with zippers goes over the edge, so makes putting in/taking out racquets easy.
the shoe compartment is on the top (when standing up), and it seems to be too deep - would like it to be not as deep to give more room for the middle compartment. this compartment keeps the drinks cool for long time, even without thermo lining.
the smaller side pocket could be slightly longer and deeper, but all in all, this pocket is decent for smaller items.
overall, it is a good sized bag for me to also fit daughter's tennis gear when we go for a hit or two....
got it in a sale - looked new and clean in the beginning, i think i'd go with a deeper colour if the prices were the same... (the pure drive blue looks nice) lol