Babolat super lite raquects


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Good morning TWE-Staff

Hope you can help! I am trying to order x3 Babolat racquets and a bag on your TWE website. However, I am struggling to select my country and province at checkout. My Postal Code is 9301, City is Bloemfontein, province is Free State and country is South Africa. The selection defaults to NEU, which I am not sure is a country of does it mean Non European Union. Irrespective, I cannot checkout without completing this section and please need assistance. The message I get is:

The following problems were found with your customer information:
  • Incorrect two digit state/province abbreviation.
  • Missing zip/postal code.
  • Invalid country data. Please choose from the list.
  • Incorrect two digit state/province abbreviation in shipping address.
  • Missing zip/postal code in shipping address.
Red fields must be completed before your order can processed.