Babolat Team 6 Pack vs 9 Pack - Any Thoughts?


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I'm outgrowing my 6 Pack Tecnifibre Bag and looking for something slightly larger, and more subdued. the TF Bag has great features like the Backpack straps and the separate vented shoe compartment, but doesn't have a quick grab handle.

My dream bag doesn't exist, but looks-wise the Babolat Teambag is a decent compromise. I like the construction of the Aero Pro bags, but don't like the looks. My perfect Bag would probably be the Vantage bag without the red circles, and half that price...

Now I'm torn between the 6 and the 9 Pack Team Babolat - any comments on practicality, durability etc... ?





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I currently own the 12 pack from babolat and it is just awesome. If i were you, I would go with the 9 bag instead of the 6 bag because it is only a couple dollars more and you get plenty of more room compared to the 6 bag.
When I went to buy my bag, I originally thought of just getting a 6 (my store doesn't carry the 9) but when I saw it in person, it was really just too small for what I wanted.

I carry 3 rackets, 2 sets of clothesa to tournaments, overgrips, and during the high school season I add my books.


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I would definitely go with the 9 Pack Bag. It will give you much more room and is only about $5 more


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thanks for the all the feedback - I ended up getting the 9 Pack and it's awesome! Still fairly compact, I can really stuff that thing. And it looks to be of godd quality so far.