Babolat Team Line 6 Pack vs Aero Line(Newer) 6 Pack

I'm thinking about getting a 6 pack Babolat bag with the AeroPro Drive Cortex i'm buying. But, i also have a Pure Drive Roddick so design really doesn't matter for me. What matters is the quality of the bag. I need a bag that can fit my 3 racquets, overgrips, wristbands, bandanas, snacks, water bottles, and my shoes. I'm thinking a 6 pack bag can fit all of that.

Which bag should i get? The Aero line 6 pack or the team line 6 pack?
Which is better?
Can the Aero Line 6 pack fit 3 racquets, overgrips, wristbands, bandanas, extra clothes for after match, a pair of shoes, bandages, water bottles, and snacks?


I've got the new Aero 6pk and have 3 Aeropro Drives on one side and can carry a dozen tennis balls, towel,sweat bands and extra shirt with no problem. It really is a nice bag.


I have the normal team line 6 pack and i have 5 racquets, 8 unopened Penn tennis cans, 3 pack of Tournagrip 2's, lead weights, a bunch of practice balls, so yeah they can fit all of that and be zipped up.


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TennisFRKjr what'd you decide on? I've narrowed my bag search down to these two. I actually think the Team is cooler looking.