Babolot AFRICORD tennis string !!


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Anybody else remember this string ? " Specifically designed for the high humidity of Africa " was how it was touted back in the early 80's ! It was a red colored string...VERY COOL !! Anyone out here ever use the Africord


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Only used Africord when Imperial became too expensive. Amazed it held up so well in the Wilson Ultra & Ultra 2, Head XRC, and Dunlop MAX200G. Seems Africord became unavailable locally around 1985-86


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Yep...USC(the one in South Carolina) was all about mixing the red(garnet) and black string in the early "hybrid" days. I used the red in my Head Pro(Red Head) more than once. Red also looked great in a Dunlop Maxply, among others. I was more an AFV guy, WHEN I could afford it.
Africord did "cut" fairly easily, rather than fray with little fuzzy strands...especially if one played a spin style that was constantly moving the strings across one another.
You mentioned that the Red Head was one of your favorites. Did you ever play with a PDP Open? I got one and it played great. However, the screw that held in the throat piece would come out (should have just glued it in). Finally, after 3 PDPs doing this, the Oshman's rep said just swap it for a Red Head. I did, but it didn't hit nearly as well. Probably lost 10mph on the serve, and consistency dropped. Finally, went to an Arthur Ashe Comp. It was ok, but ended up going to a Snauwaert Boronite II. Couldn't find a 2nd one, so got a Garcia Graphite Comp. When the wood comps were gone, switched to the Yonex 8700 (green one).