Baby Djok vs Massu AO07


Thiem should implement this everytime he leaves the chair. This should trigger feelings of vengeance when playing against Novak.
or it could trigger memories of massu's bagels and breadsticks within him. The dark side is a sword that cuts both ways.


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Massu was a real fighter and warrior during his career, and he took part in so many marathon matches, though this demolition of course didn’t exactly meet that definition ! In fact at the polar opposite end of the scale to his compatriot Rios, it appeared that he over-worked and over-trained at times.

In terms of his Olympic gold medal in 2004 (of course it was a golden double), I’ve never really understood why it has been derided in the past. The world no. 1 and 2 players Federer and Roddick were both in the draw, both took the tournament very seriously and were really keen to win the gold medal. I remember interviews from both them of talking excitedly about the Olympics much earlier in the year - Federer had happy memories from Sydney in 2000 meeting Mirka and reaching the semis and Roddick was very patriotic. They were both pretty gutted that they lost - Federer called his defeat to Berdych the most painful of his career at that point in time, and Roddick said his defeat against Gonzalez was much tougher to get over than losses at regular annual tournaments. It's not Massu's fault that they both lost early on and didn’t get far enough to play him !

I would have much preferred the bronze medalist Gonzalez to win that singles gold medal instead of him though ! I wasn’t a big fan of Massu’s slow play and delaying and stalling tactics over the years.
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Massu fistpumping before the match started.
Not an uncommon occurrence in the baghdatis, triandyphillidis, economidis, bogdanovic era to feel a certain sense of relief upon seeing which drunk was across the net and start a premature celebration. Alas, poor Massu thought this youngster Djokovic was of the same breed.