Back Hand problem


I use to have solid 2H BH, i grip it around 45* angle (i think that a eastern grip), but now it gone away.. My cross ball and down the line does not land deep enough so I get kill pretty easy now. I take my BH from a low to high motion. I feel very tide when hit the BH compare to able to swing away on the FH (semi -western grip)

So, any help on changing the way I swing?

Go from high to low to high, getting a loop? I did try but did not feel comforable and the ball seem to land the same...?

What else, thanks for all your sugesstion :

Phillip N

Mahboob Khan

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Here's a grip combination for 2-handed BH:

Right hand in a continental or Eastern BH grip position;

Left hand in an Eastern forehand or semi-western FH grip position.

Why like this? Because double handed backhand is a mixture of lefty's forehand and righty's 1-handed backhand.

The preferred swing pattern is from low to high. The backswing is low -- the tip of the racket pointing to back fence, upper body turned -- and the followthrough is high over the oppositie shoulder. I like Agassi's swing pattern .. low to high. (He created a huge dent in the serve and volley style of Taylor Dent today in the Australian Open 3rd round match. What a flawless performance).

Here is a drill:

Drill 1: Have a partner feed balls to your backhand side. But you returned them using lefty forehand .. yes with your left hand (forehand). Hit a basket or two like this. Only lefty forehand!

Drill 2: Add your right hand also (in a continental or eastern BH). Hit through the ball and follow through in front (the racket should not go to the right shoulder). The tip of the racket is going after the ball and then pointing to the front fence ..

Drill 3: Same as above but full follow-through (racket will finish on your right shoulder).

You must try this tip, and then send me an email: with your feedback.


Mahboob, would eastern fh on both sides work well for someone who likes hitting eastern fh groundies with the off hand?


i used to have a 1-handed backhand and converted over to a 2-hander over the last year-year and half. i am right handed. i find if i let the right hand take to much control that balls will tend to fall short, probably due to the orientation on the ball and rotation or lack of on the body (tend to start hitting as if a one-hander, but the left hand inhibits the swing)

so i would encourage the predominante use of the left hand, maybe 75% left and 25% right. seems to work for me.