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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by 2ndServe, Apr 7, 2014.

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    on a fast dropping mishit I rushed in to knock off a volley but in the process I stepped very hard on my front foot and some how felt a very bad shock up my leg and through my back. I finished the set but the next day couldn't walk or walked at 145 degrees and couldn't straighten my back. After a week things improved immensely and I could walk normally.

    I'm still having difficultly hitting serves/overheads and the back seems very tight. After the first week progress I figured at this rate everything would be back to normal after a few weeks, it's been a month now. Sans the first week's progress, healing seems to be stagnant. I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar injury. I'm probably giving it 1 more week before I head to the Dr, who I know will tell me to just rest it.
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    I had a back injury in my 20s (related to weight-lifting) and I had to give up basketball because it placed too much stress on my back (jump shots). I have had problems with it over the years when I wasn't doing core work - if my core is strong, my back is fine but if I slack off, then it causes back issues. I guess that the front muscles are compensating for some damage that I did long ago.

    So I try to keep up with core strength, especially in the abs.

    Do you normally do flexibility exercises? I would think that strengthening core and improving flexibility would help in general though you might want to see a doctor for your specific issue. My back problems would be in the form of pain for six to eight weeks where doing all sorts of things would hurt. One thing that instantly comes to mind is getting in and out of a car as you have to do the rotation. I haven't had this problems for many years now and don't care for it to come back.
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    You might go to a chiropractor to check out if you threw your back out of align and the muscles are seized up around it. Even if you didn't from the initial injury, you likely could have afterward based on how you described carrying yourself and how you were walking. Be careful though - you have to find a good one who knows what he is doing as there are plenty of bad ones.

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