Back to Back Slam Finals (should Novak and Carlitos meet)


Okay, there are all kinds of threads on this -- serious, trollish, and parody threads alike -- and pardon me for adding a serious one.
Here's the thing: While most of us may already have Djokovic and Alcaraz penciled into Sunday's final, it's not a sure thing. But looking ahead, here are some of my thoughts, and I invite your (serious, respectful) thoughts.

There's a lot of noise about how it would be amazing for a 36-year-old to beat a 20-year-old,and vice versa or even the reverse thought.

My take is, simply -- and I think obviously - this would be a meeting of the top two players in the world, and by a comfortable margin.
Yes, I think that Alcaraz arrived at an amazing level at a young age, and Novak has retained his level - or very, very close to it - for a long time. For both these reasons and more, they are not your typical 20-year-old and 36-year-old.
Should they meet, I hope that they're both healthy and in good form -- and I would anticipate a great match -- a la Wimbledon or Cincinnati.

I had a bit of a brain lock, thinking that Novak and Carlos met in the final of RG23, and of course it was in the semi...if most saw it as the de facto final -- sorry, Casper.
But even at that, the last back-to-back slam matchup was Djokovic-Murray (AO and RG16). If this were back-to-back-to-back, the last time that had happened was during the run of 4 straight Novak-Rafa matchups in 2011-12.

Now, if I'm not mistaken (please check me) the last back-to-back slam matchup among women was way back in 2003-04 with the Belgians, Henin and Clijsters.

If Novak and Carlitos meet, it will be a meeting of arguably the greatest player ever versus a certain ATG. Should Med upset Carlos, this will be his third USO final (along with a SF) in the last 5 years...not too bad. And if Big Ben crashes the party, we have another exciting 20-year-old who is squarely in the mix.

So...enjoy the tennis!
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Very exciting match ahead.

Agree with the OP except rephrasing one sentence "If Novak and Carlitos meet, it will be a meeting of certain ATG and arguably the greatest player ever "

Mediterranean Might

It's incredible sights really. I agree with your last sentiment "enjoy the tennis" - it's that simple really! Even their match in cincy felt like a classic. My take is that there's no guarantee how much longer we'll be treated to this level so for sure we should enjoy it.

Alcaraz has not reached his peak yet. Statistically, it's most likely his peak will come around 22-27. Djokovic at his age is also only likely to decline from here and while it may be gradual, it can come fast and hard like we saw with Fedal. So in the coming years, we'll eventually see Alcaraz overwhelm this rivalry due to Father Time looming