Backyard grass court?


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Just quoted from a landscaping company to re-grade my backyard, for a 50x100 size cost is about 10k:twisted::evil: but anyway, assuming it is done, did anybody try play some tennis on grass in backyard? Probably not possible on wet days but on a sunny day, it is good? :)


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I mentioned a dozen times before, I played grass court tennis in the neighbor's house, at Kahala on Oahu.
Grass needs constant trimming and maintainance. Weeds grow between the grass.
Grass needs watering.
Lots of maintainance.
Ground settles. More maintainance.


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well, the situation is, you have a big backyard, what you gonna do anyway? If you maintain a nice lawn, flat/smooth enough, if your kids can play soccer on it, if you can throw some basket ball on it, why not hit some tennis ball on it as well. Not serious game court, but for fooling around, why not? Or you have better idea?


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I think grass courts are totally outdated just like wooden rackets. I would go for clay or hard courts in your backyard! how much for that..


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We play (Tiny Wimbledon) in our back yard with a quick start net foam balls and the nephews.

not really tennis on the adult level- but fun-

however if I was spending that much and had the space I might go ahead and consider a hard court with a mobile basketball goal as well.


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with a hardcourt I think I read on this forum here the cost will go around 50k. clay court not sure but maintenance will be killer.


My vote would be grass court. It's not wimbledon, so it doesn't have to be pristine, plus you can play other sports on it. Maybe get one of the pop up nets so you can remove easily.