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Discussion in 'Odds & Ends' started by Shangri La, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Shangri La

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    Sep 19, 2007
    I recently played badminton a couple of times after not picking up a badminton racquet for like decades and it was disastrous. The worst thing is I could not even hit an overhead - I whiff over 90% of the time. I'm guessing it has to do with timing because the shuttlecock slows down considerably at the time of contact compared to tennis. My motion is most likely wrong too because I unintentionally tried to apply spin to the overhead like in tennis. I probably need to hit flat and use a different grip? Anyone have some quick tips or instructional videos?

    My forehand has been terrible too. But at least I dont whiff and can get the ball over the net. I probably should stop the brushing motion and hit really flat like McEnroe but that just doesnt feel natural.

    On the positive side my BH is actually rather dependable. I use a 1hbh motion and it's been my most reliable shot. I run around my fh to hit a bh a lot. I know the technique is still wrong but for now I will keep it since it still works, and hope it serves as a practice for my tennis 1hbh too. My touch/drop shots are Federer-like, or should I say Lin Dan-like, especially against those flat-footed baseline bashers. I'm light on my feet and move well too.

    I dont think I struggled with overhead when I last played in highschool. I also play table tennis regularly and never have problem swithcing back and forth to tennis. I actually find Pingpang and tennis are rather similar. But badminton is just totally different.

    I only plan to play badminton socially but dont want to embarrass myself when my female partner smashes the ball like mad left and right and this 6 foot guy whiffs an easy overhead putaway at the net. Please help.
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    I don't know what grips you use or if you should change them. But you do need to allow your wrist to snap on overheads, forehands, etc.

    Other than that, watch the shuttle carefully. Warm up with overhead clears. Then start bringing them down. And flatten out your overhead.
  3. bezs

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    Aug 7, 2009
    Played badminton for the first time in 10 years two weeks ago, felt weird initially too used to the bigger racquet face of a tennis racquet. Plenty of whiffs initially but slowly got better got thrashed though in singles and doubles by two female friends. :oops:
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    No idea why i play tennis

    I'm pretty good at badmitton way better then tennis but two key things are:
    overhead-same as tennis, body turn, but it's more about getting the birdie down
    forehand-arm into the birdie and then follow through with the wrist
    oh yeah and every thing is continental in badmitton, except back hand drops and smashes you can switch. Also badmitton is all about contact, form is crap in badmitton because its so fast pace, really the only stroke you have time to actually have a stroke is the overhead smash

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