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I don't know his string or tension. I do know from examination that he does not use an M-Speed. It looks like an old Vac Pro 98 with a paintjob. Just look at the beam width.
Baghdatis String Tension


ALU mains with VS 1.30 Crosses at 23/25. We get printed receipts with player names tensions for every frame.

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Hello Mr.Lee.

It's fantastic to hear from an experienced stringer such as yourself.

I've a couple of questions, if you could be so kind to anwser.

Who's doing the stringing for Oz Open? t0pserve tennis?

What are Oz Open machines like?

And which stringer did the "MX" Street Newspaper interview?

What do the players get charged in stringfees? $50 AUD/racket?
AO Stringing Questions:


Per your inquiries:

Who's doing the stringing for Oz Open? t o p s e r v e Tennis is sponsoring the stringing at the AO.

What are Oz Open machines like? The Oz machines are made by Xspider you can read the particulars at www.Top S e r v The model is Precision 700. The diamond dusted clamps are custom made in Sydney Australia. The tension head uses a French made motor and S-beam load cell for an exceptionally smooth pull. So overall, there is no machine quite like it on the market.

And which stringer did the "MX" Street Newspaper interview? I think that had to be Ron Kohn, owner of t o p s e r v e. He works harder than anyone and sleeps about 2 hours a night if that.

What do the players get charged in stringfees? $50 AUD/racket? Not quite, the price was $35 AuD per frame.

BTW: Stringers in the photo are Petr Krajci (forground) from Czech Republic, Michael Ludwig(Florida) and Steve Harris (farthest back) from Sydney.


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Hey abllee2198

I personally do not believe in paint jobs and try and not waist my time spending hours and hours on examinations trying to determine whether Bagdatis or Nalbandian are really, really using M Speed or the RDS 001 vs. Vacuum or RDX, and so on. I believe that newer racquets are more advanced and players are switching to them because they are better than earlier versions. At least it seems like whoever wants to use older racquets (Berdych and Murray) still them without any paintjobs. I do think they might be adding additional weights here and there, but nothing more

But then again, who better to ask than the stringer. Ball-park figure, in your experience, how many of the racquets you strung were PJs? If any.

A guess at how many were paint jobs?

For the frames I strung, a ball park guess would be 25% were paint jobs.

That is purely a guess, as I don't pay particular attention to player frame combinations, my primary concern is getting the frames strung and getting as much sleep as possible.

When Michael Ludwig gets back from Australia, he would be a good person for the PJ question. Michael should be finished tearing down the stringing machines and in between catnaps, should be back on the air anytime. He has his laptop with him, but wireless internet can be hit or miss from Australia.

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