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At work, I string on a Wilson Baiardo. Lately, one of the clamps has been acting up. On the "good" clamp, when I press down the lever to clamp the string, there is very little resistance - probably all I feel is the string itself. On the other clamp, it feels as though something is "sticking" that has to be overcome before the clamp tightens down. There is a distinct "click" when that clamp lever is pressed down. Though I have not experienced it, other stringers in our shop have mentioned that this clamp has slipped on them. Anyone have any idea what might be going on?

I'm perfectly capable and comfortable taking apart clamps and other parts on my Gamma at home. But, I've not done anything of the sort on the your guidance is certainly appreciated.


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I recently was told by a Bairdo owner that factory is aware of issues with clamps and adddressing it. I forgot the specifics, but clearly remember when I asked him about his Bairdo vs his Sensor that he mentioned a problem with the Bairdo clamps


Thanks for the info. I took the clamps apart last night. Other than needing a good cleaning, there is no apparent culprit. Even after the cleaning, the problem persists. What do you guys use (if anything) to lubricate the inner workings of clamps? (I know not to get any lubricant on the portion of the clamp which touches the string).

Edit - could I use CLP? Or maybe a Teflon based lubricant? Once again thanks for your thoughts.
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You can use CLP to clean them but I would use a grease to lubricate any metel to metal points where they may be wear. Better yet call Wilson or have your Wilson rep find out who to call.