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    Sep 16, 2005
    I'd like to share my experience with my boy (4 yo), I play with him 15-20 min 1-to-1 then we go into playing mode with others.
    He is very good when I feed him ball on the plate standing next to him, he control 1 bounce, makes ~30 over the net from T-line...
    I just see that he doing "tank cannon rotating turret" rotation, and about to fell down following his super follow-thru, so I'm looking for advice how to deal with this, to balance him better and give him more direct movement. I'm also trying to get him free motion as possible without too much power, using unstrung racket.

    Another thing is that he is not good if I feed him from balls from some distance facing him, all slow and high but he still misses a lot,I also use cones for eye=hand and it helping.

    I'll try to post some videos too. WIll appreciate you feedback, what others things you are looking at?

    Thanks all
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